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What if I told you getting away from it all and putting your feet up in a private beach house is easier than you think?

Well, closer to the United States than most other tropical refuges, the island nation of Turks and Caicos is an archipelago located in the Caribbean only 575 miles southeast of Miami. Beautiful villas, beaches, and all-inclusive resorts dot the lush landscape and are premier luxury destinations comparable to any in the world.

Many who desire an island escape take a look at more well-known or typical Caribbean islands and stop there, failing to realize superior, though less well-known options, lie even closer to home.

This works to the island’s advantage, however, as many beaches are nearly untouched by modern humans. The results are fresh sands and unique ecosystems ripe for exploration, all punctuated by some of the world’s finest amenities.

In this article, we will take a look at the Turks and Caicos islands, some essential information about them, and where the finest all-inclusive resorts and villas sit on them today.

Where and What are the Turks and Caicos Islands?

The Turks & Caicos is a British Overseas Territory with a resident population just above thirty-thousand, most of whom live on Providenciales’ island (also known as Provo). The islands are located northeast of Cuba, and the capital city, Cockburn Town, on Grand Turk Island, is about 650 miles southeast of Miami.

The islands were inhabited by both native peoples and a series of subsequent European powers, but the economy of the islands saw little in the way of commerce or expansion until the 1960s with the opening of the first airstrip and hotels at Grace Bay beach on Providenciales.

In the ’80s, Club Méditerannée funded an upgrading of the airstrip, and the tourism industry has been steadily increasing through the subsequent decades. (Club Med Turkoise is an all-inclusive resort located on the islands still run by Club Méditerannée.)

The official language of the territory is English, and the official currency is the US dollar. These last few facts are why the Turks & Caicos islands today are seeing so much interest from investors.

The islands themselves are home to an incredibly diverse array of flora and fauna and are widely considered amongst the most pristine ecosystems on the planet. Beautiful barrier reefs, mesmerizing white sand, and constant sunshine -there is perhaps no more enjoyable place on the planet to kick your shoes off.

While they have remained a secret until now, Turks and Caicos hotels and investment properties are seeing a massive surge of interest. Government policies have only helped this surge. With the combination of income tax breaks on rentals and capital gains, as well as the picturesque views, this couldn’t stay secret for long.

The Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Turks and Caicos

Before we talk about the fishing tours, wild untamed beaches, and sailing adventures, we will first look at the luxury side of things. Whether you are looking for a hotel, resort, or personal villa there are a multitude of options.
We are talking about the Wi-Fi infused, boutique, swim-up bar style destinations you are craving.

Throughout the islands, amongst the beaches and dotting the landscape are pristine beautiful resorts offering seclusion, relaxation and complete natural immersion. The best resorts in Turks and Caicos are the epitomes of luxury and are amongst the finest on the globe.

We are going to take a look at which ones are the best all-inclusive resorts in Turks and Caicos.

Sailrock Resort

Located on often overlooked South Caicos, Sailrock Resort is a gorgeous spot offering one or two bedroom suites overlooking the ocean, and villas for up to four. The villas allow you a private terrace with large sliding glass doors that open right onto the beach, while the suites sit high on a ridge overlooking the ocean and island, offering panoramic ocean views that will stick with you for a lifetime.

In addition to different inclusive packages for their resort, Sailrock also has great offerings for real estate in the area. The vacation homes in the Sailrock Peninsula Neighborhood sit in a naturally preserved spot of mixed vegetation and beaches and offer the same quality views as the larger resort, private swimming pools and many other amenities.

All of these offerings and options make the Sailrock Resort a top choice amongst the Turks and Caicos luxury resorts and villas.

Alexandra Resort

The all-inclusive Alexandra Resort offers studios, bedroom suites, and great deals for families with kids. Sitting right next to the famous Grace Bay Beach, this resort ensures you have places for fine dining, quality relaxation, and adventure.

Suppose you are looking for clear waters, fun activities, excellent dining experiences like pizza from
Pizzaluka, or drinks from the Coconut Bar. In that case, the Alexandra Resort needs to be your next stop.

Blue Haven Resort

This is another all-inclusive Caicos resort that gets it all right. Serene atmosphere, excellent restaurants, and spacious suites. If it wasn’t for the other excellent items on this list, one would be tempted to say it was a near-perfect resort.

As it stands, the Blue Haven Resort matches up well with the other top options. Many Turks and Caicos destination weddings use the location for its great sites and the ability to escape tourists.

Royal West Indies

Royal West Indies is another great locale along the famous Grace Bay Beach with spacious suites built in the classic Caribbean Colonial style. These 540 sq. ft. suites are perfect for couples and include a deep bathtub and all of the high-end amenities you have come to expect.

Many romantic getaways are built around the Royal West Indies.

Parrot Cay Resort

Parrot Cay is a smaller island whose main resort has over sixty rooms as well as beach houses and villas.

Two fantastic restaurants can be found on the island, both Italian and Asian options are available with menus to keep you busy for weeks. And though the island is relatively small, snorkeling, yoga, Pilates and more are all offered here.

In the nearby community of Rocky Point, fine beach houses are sold and owned by many celebrities, including Bruce Willis and Keith Richards, the latter of whom has stated he would happily spend his remaining days in the area.

For a bit of interesting trivia, the island was originally named Pirate Cay in honor of the famous female pirate Anne Bonny, a compatriot of Calico Jack and featured in the recent Starz series Black Sails, was thought to have camped in the area in the early 1700s. The name was changed eventually to more easily attract visitors.

This is a land of beauty that famous pirates, and still celebrities, have called home.

sailrock resort beach turks caicos

Sites, and Attractions of the Turks & Caicos

We should next cover some of the finer places to go while you are out and about enjoying the day in Turks and Caicos.

Sailing Cruises & Water Tours

Go snorkeling, scuba diving, and explore some of the planet’s most impressive wild reefs. There is no shortage of quality cruises and yacht charters to help you get in touch with the Caribbean waves. Many of the exploration cruises provide food, open bars, and curated swimming and snorkeling spots.

The more luxury-minded can also get fine dining with perfect sunset views. These are romantic escapes that you and your significant other will cherish forever. A highly recommended choice is the Champagne Sunset Cruise in Providenciales for adults only.

Families with young ones have options as well. For example, the Turks & Caicos Sesame Sail Away Catamaran Cruise offers a half-day sailing adventure and brunch hosted by popular sesame street characters -great for keeping the kids busy while the parents can enjoy the view.

Eat gourmet food, explore the ocean life, and experience the Caribbean the way it was meant to be experienced. Full and half-day cruise and boat tour options are available throughout the populated areas of the islands.

Kayak Eco Tours

Kayaks are an amazing way to tour the islands and get a fun experience with marine life and the mangroves. These tours are often for those who want a closer experience with nature and tend to go off the beaten paths.

One of the most popular options is the Chalk Sound National Park Kayak Tour, which gives you all the gear and instruction you need and a dedicated guide and helps you explore the secluded Chalk Sound bay.

Humpback Whale Watching

The chance to see a majestic humpback whale doesn’t come along every day. Get on a specialized tour with a marine biologist and go snorkeling and sight-seeing as you wait for your chance to see one of our planet’s most unique creatures.

Chartered Fishing Tours

If you want a more active experience on the water, then you can go ahead and charter yourself an offshore sport fishing event. You can spend the day in search of Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and more on boats of all types. For true anglers, don’t miss the bonefishing on South Caicos.

18-Holes of Golf at Provo Golf Club

When you get tired of the water and need some time on dry land, go ahead and take in 18 holes at The Turks and Caicos National Course, the Provo Golf Club. Play in paradise amongst the championship “target-style” golf course.

Island Buggy Tour

Now, if you want to see the islands quickly, perhaps a jungle buggy tour will be more your style. These packages allow you to drive a rugged all-terrain vehicle through the jungle and to quickly see large swathes of land. Local native communities and other various landmarks can all be spotted on these tours.

turks and caicos fishing

What is the Best Beach?

Most of the beaches Turks and Caicos islands offer may be perfect for watersports, surfing, and other activities, but a few truly stand out.

Sailrock Beach


Located on the west coast of South Caicos this is a different experience than many of the other resort beaches. South Caicos has very few dense population centers, and thus these beaches are almost entirely untouched. If you are looking for a real escape to a private beach, then this is where you want to be.

Taylor Bay Beach

Another beach on Providenciales, Taylor Bay Beach is another place for calm waters, beautiful sand, and easy water sports and activities (like snorkeling). The water is shallow for as much as 700 meters giving you an exceptionally unique day at the beach.

Sapodilla Bay Beach

Just a hop and a skip to the south-east of Taylor Bay Beach is the picturesque and sheltered Sapodilla Bay Beach. Another one of the perfect beaches Turks & Caicos offers to those in the know, it boasts beautiful sloping warm water, white sands and great amounts of seclusion.

Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay Beach can be found on the island of Providenciales on the north end. This is one of the better-known beaches and thus the designated award winner for the area.

The beach itself has won multiple awards across the internet and throughout travel magazines. Grace Bay Beach won TripAdvisor’s best overall beach for 2018. The sand’s consistency, the calm water thanks to the nearby barrier reef, and the proximity to other attractions make this a world-class destination.

Such is the beauty of this area that many who take the time to travel to this beach become returning visitors throughout their life.

As you can see, this is just a small example of the dozens, if not hundreds, of quality beaches for you to explore across the Turks and Caicos Islands.

These beaches are the kind used for screen savers and posters and are indeed jewels of the Caribbean with their turquoise waters and white-sand beaches. You owe it to yourself to visit one of these shores at least once in your life.

Turks and Caicos Home Ownership

Turks and Caicos is a British Overseas Territory, and thus benefit front the added stability and support that entails. Additionally, the usage of English, and the American dollar, also eases the transition for many.

There are no restrictions on who can purchase land; no permission is required from the government before you buy. The only law is that foreign corporations cannot directly own land and must put it under a local trust or business.

The prices of land in Turks and Caicos will vary greatly by island and location.

Beachfront properties are obviously at a premium, as are plots on Providenciales island. Currently, the Sailrock Resort offers ownership packages including Beachfront Villas and Ridgetop Residences with pristine views at historically hard to beat rates.

These homes are complete with organic-aesthetic furnishings, open design layouts, and seamless connections to the outdoor terraces and gardens as well as extensive management services offered by the resort. There are even more private residents nearby down the peninsula that feature a very low-density community, emphasizing privacy. All villa plans are customizable to your needs.

While many don’t consider buying land in the islands at first, after a visit or two, folks realize they never want to leave. The unique mixture of adventure and tranquility is challenging to resist. Coupled with the luxurious services, top-of-the-line amenities, and the perfect secluded island atmosphere, you’ve found your little piece of heaven.

Before buying, it’s often recommended that you use the maximum time on a tourist visa at least once to get a real feel for the lifestyle and nature of the area for a few weeks. Talk with locals and get to understand what life on the islands entails.

Luxury resorts may dot the Turks and Caicos, but in many ways, it is still a developing country, and many parts of life differ from the mainland – life runs at a slower pace, which if anything, allows you to better take in all of that natural beauty you will be amongst.

Each of the archipelago’s islands will offer a slightly different experience than the others; you should take the time to see which more closely fits your idea of a perfect getaway destination. The larger islands will be more developed and have more to offer in terms of services, while the smaller islands will have various levels of development and can offer a more significant variance of adventure.

So Why Turks & Caicos?

You can use a multitude of criteria to decide which beach resort you want to visit or where it is best to invest or live, but it is hard to make a list where the benefits of these islands don’t feature significantly.

We have covered well the beautiful scenery, spectacular marine life, and exceptional amenities found on the Turks and Caicos islands; but It is also worth noting that of all the Caribbean islands, only the Cayman Islands and Turks And Caicos stay away from a volatile currency, use English as a primary language, allow foreigners to buy land, and provide extensive tax breaks. And lastly, the airport has more international connections than any of the other British Overseas Territories and ranks decently amongst Caribbean nations.

Combining these factors, you have an incredibly unique and desirable place to spend your next vacation or make your next purchase.

Find the Perfect Getaway With Turks and Caicos all Inclusive Resorts

So by now, you should be looking for a getaway amongst the Turks and Caicos islands that will make your local spots pale in comparison. It is time to discover a real escape, to a place relatively untouched by the crowds of visitors and tourists you find elsewhere.

Come to the hidden jewels of the Caribbean and find a new adventure, as well as a new place of quietude.