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Sailrock Resort raises a glass to the South Caicos Regatta with a festive Regatta-themed cocktail, the Regatta Breeze. Join us by learning how to make the Regatta Breeze, offered at the Great House Restaurant + Bar this May, and share your DIY drink photos with us @sailrockresort. This cocktail is a simple, refreshing, Caribbean-inspired drink, that can be served on the rocks or frozen – up to you!

• 2.5 oz Vanilla Vodka
• 1 oz Coconut Rum
• 1.5 oz Fresh Pineapple Juice
• .5 oz Blue Curacao
• 1 slice of Fresh Pineapple
• 1 Cherry

To make, combine all liquid ingredients into a cocktail shaker with enough ice to cover the liquids and shake well; for frozen, place all liquid ingredients in blender. Shake until cold and strain mixture into a chilled martini glass; for frozen, mix until ice is well-blended for easy drinking and serve in a rocks glass. Finish with a garnish of a pineapple slice and cherry. Enjoy!