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Turks & Caicos Islands

The Turks & Caicos Islands are located in the Caribbean, only 575 miles southeast of Miami. The Turks & Caicos Islands are among the most diverse and beautiful ecosystems in the world. Boasting one of the world’s top 5 barrier reefs, stunningly beautiful waters, white sandy beaches, and 350 days of annual sunshine, the islands are one of the most picturesque destinations in the world. Undoubtedly, the Turks & Caicos Islands have become an elite luxury destination that is experiencing a steady growth in vacation home and investment property ownership.

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Turks and Caicos Islands Map
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  • Established luxury vacation destination with over 90 weekly flights from the United States, Canada, and Europe

  • Ideal tropical climate with an average temperature of 80° F and 350 days of sunshine

  • Stunning natural attributes including one of the top 5 barrier reefs in the world, pristine white sandy beaches, and a diverse ecosystem

  • Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom ensuring a stable political structure & legal system
  • Official language is English

  • The official currency is the US dollar

  • Investment friendly – no income taxes on revenue generated from rental properties, property taxes, or capital gains taxes

The Turks and Caicos archipelago consist of 8 islands and 32 small cays comprising just 166 square miles of land, 80% of which is uninhabited and untouched. The nearby waters are a rich fishing ground with the ideal conditions for water sports activities. The Columbus Passage, located on the eastern edge of South Caicos, is a 7,000-foot deep passage that serves as a major transit route for migrating humpback whales, spotted eagle rays, manta rays, turtles, and dolphins. Couple this with the pristine reefs, multiple shipwrecks, and excellent visibility, and you have the archipelago’s top diving destination.

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South Caicos

South Caicos is a hidden jewel among the Turks & Caicos Islands. Here, nature prevails with long, white sandy beaches, nature reserves, ocean-side bluffs, quiet backwater bays, and salt flats teeming with pink flamingos. South Caicos is renowned for its excellent scuba diving, game fishing, and legendary bonefishing. It is on this beautiful island that we have formed the Sailrock community – a robust assembly of vacationers, resort-visitors, and homeowners.

The 8.3-square mile island of South Caicos is among the smallest in the Turks & Caicos archipelago. Approximately 1,200 residents call South Caicos home, many of whom live in historic Cockburn Harbour. This quiet seaside village boasts the only natural deep-water harbor in the Turks & Caicos, and fishing is the primary economic driver for this community. Rich in culture and history, Cockburn Harbour was the landing point of Queen Elizabeth when she visited the Turks & Caicos Island in 1966.

Here at Sailrock, we take the Turks and Caicos slogan, “beautiful by nature” very seriously and have committed to construction, renovation, maintenance, and restoration of historic assets and natural habitats on our island. This way, we can preserve the beautiful nature of the island for future generations.

In a rare partnership, we’ve joined the Turks & Caicos government to spend $4 million restoring historic buildings and walls in Cockburn Harbour and revitalizing the Queen’s Parade Grounds. The government of Turks & Caicos is very involved in improving the infrastructure and accessibility of our island. Its infusion of over $14 million has funded the construction of road improvements throughout our island, the construction of a new health facility, and the initial phases of a new South Caicos International Airport terminal.

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South Caicos has a long and fascinating history that is steeped in human aspirations, suffering, and joy. It has never been comprehensively told until now. Newly released, Historic South Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands, is the first full-length, full-color book featuring historical overviews, early illustrations, and archival photographs of the island and its spectacular surroundings. The journey begins almost 12 centuries ago with the Lucayans, who first occupied the island. It ends in the modern era. So too, care is taken to place South’s story in the broader context of the history of the Turks and Caicos Islands. In short, Historic South Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands, chronicles the life of its first inhabitants, the fatal impact of European contact, the extraction of salt–South’s Savior and Satan–pirates’ hideaways, shipwrecks, the influx of British Loyalists, slavery, emancipation, fishing, lobster harvesting, sloop building, sailmaking, political machinations, and the boom-and-bust cycles of the 20th and 21st centuries. Every page brings to life captivating aspects of South Caicos’ magnificent journey.

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Community Initiatives

The local island life is very important to us at Sailrock. Providing support for local businesses on our island insures an authentic, vibrant community year round. Specific support is going towards locally owned businesses focused on South Caicos tourism. To further enhance island living for everyone, we are committed to developing the public beaches and airport. Non-physical improvements include donations to the local charity, Footsteps for Good, and the creation of scholarships for study at the Institute for Field Studies. Sailrock South Caicos will also continue sponsoring the culturally significant Queen’s Regatta and other island festivals.

  • We have committed over $4 million in improvements for the waterfront district of Cockburn Harbour town, an area that boasts a rich history and charming Bermudian styled buildings and structures.
  • A historic district will be created with the buildings and historic walls within this area to be repaired and enhanced.
  • A retail promenade is planned along the waterfront from the Queen’s parade ground to the site of the future Sailrock dive hotel.
  • Renovation and ongoing preservation of the pier and beach.
  • Construction and maintenance of a promenade and seating along the waterfront from the Queen’s Parade Ground to the Customs Port and fuel docks.
  • Landscaping and maintenance on both public and private land, including but not limited to the planting of trees and native plants, the installation of crushed local stone sidewalks and historic street signage.
  • Restoration of historic Turtle Crawl and Boiling Hole.
  • Financial assistance to encourage the startup of locally owned businesses geared towards tourism on South Caicos.
  • Support for the annual Queen’s Regatta, Christmas, New Years, and other festivals that take place.
  • Landscaping and maintenance of public roads throughout the island.
  • Restoration and maintenance of canals that feed the Salinas.
  • Construction and maintenance of nature hiking and biking trails throughout the island.
  • Creation of an animal preserve for the wild donkeys and horses.
  • Move existing suspended utility lines along public roads to underground positions.
  • Financial assistance for businesses geared towards products focused on and located in South Caicos.

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Nature & Wildlife

Home to one of the world’s largest barrier reef systems and miles of undisturbed land and wildlife, South Caicos is a must for travelers’ in-search of authentic experiences. Here, white sandy beaches, ocean-side bluffs, quiet backwater bays, and salt-flats teeming with pink flamingos harmoniously coexist. The rich history of South Caicos has seen rogues and royalty, but one thing has prevailed – South Caicos wildlife.

Water and land sports abound in our outdoor paradise. Our Sailrock team provides exclusive opportunities for guests and owners to explore the rare ecosystem and wildlife. We welcome you to explore the miles of trails that meander through hundreds of acres of dedicated open space.

Here at Sailrock, we couple out-island discovery with luxury resort amenities – a rare and extraordinary experience for both our owners and guests. After a perfect day of exploring our beloved island, you can dine on authentic South Caicos cuisine at one of our island’s family-owned restaurants and then head out for a sunset stroll along the waterfront promenade.

The waters surrounding South Caicos provide a spectacular visual background to our island. The turquoise waters to the south and east turn to a deep cobalt blue just past the coral reef system, where the water depth drops from 50 feet to over 7,000 feet. Depending on where the sun is, the shallows of the Caicos Bank shift between shades of blue and green. On most afternoons, the sky merges with the sea as shades of blue blend together – providing a natural inspiration for our visitors.

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South Caicos Waters

The waters surrounding South Caicos provide a spectacular visual background to our island. The turquoise seas to the south and east turn to a deep cobalt blue just past the coral reef system, where the water depth drops from 50 feet to over 7,000 feet.

The climate is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. Leave your wetsuit at home and enjoy average water temperatures ranging from 78 degrees F. in the winter to 82 degrees F. in the summer.

Relatively untouched by humans, South Caicos’ reef system is considered the healthiest and most vibrant in the island chain. Over 50 species of coral, as well as spotted eagle rays, sea turtles, grouper, snapper, and dolphin fish, are part of this spectacular reef system. At Sailrock, we provide owners and guests opportunities to explore this robust underwater ecosystem through curated dive excursions.

Turks & Caicos

Humpback Whales

The Turks and Caicos Islands are whale watching central and South Caicos couldn’t be more perfectly situated. To see Humpback Whale spouts and breaches look from your patio or porch at look beyond the reef break on the Atlantic side of the island. The Turks Island Passage (the body of water that separates South Caicos from Grand Turk and Salt Cay tends to funnel the whales through it which provides us with incredible Humpback Whale watching opportunities. It’s not uncommon for those on boating excursions from South Caicos to get up close to these magnificent, gentle creatures during Humpback Whale season and even snorkel with them.

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Explore the abandoned salt Salinas where flocks of flamingos feed on minute aquatic organisms such as brine and fly larvae, while thriving due to a lack of predators. Be sure to grab your camera and binoculars before you head out on your South Caicos birding adventure.

Birds enjoy the Turks & Caicos Islands’ tropical savanna climate, especially on a less populated island like South Caicos. Sailrock is a bird-watching haven. Doves greet the new day with their morning song while colorful hummingbirds flit from flower to flower. South Caicos is home to various species of birds such as American Kestrels, Black Crowned Night Herons, Bahama Woodstar Hummingbirds, Bananaquits, Doves, Green Herons, Killdeers, Kingbirds, Night Herons, Northern Mockingbirds, Smooth Bill Anis, and various species of Warblers.

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While the donkeys in South Caicos like to think that they were the original inhabitants of the island, the first were the Taíno and Lucayan Indians who called the Turks & Caicos Islands “Caya Hico.” During the 16th and 17th centuries it was common practice for explorers to leave animals on the islands they stopped off at to breed and settle to provide a source of meat during subsequent voyages. Though the early history of donkeys in the Turks & Caicos Islands is unknown, the first law concerning “roaming donkeys” dates back to the 1780s.


Dark Sky Environment

There is relatively little ambient light on the island of South Caicos, which provides perfect dark sky conditions for stargazing. Because of a lack of nighttime city lights, your view of the sky and Milky Way are unhindered. Another advantage is the far southern location. The location is close to the Tropic of Cancer, which makes many constellations readily visible that you might not see in other locations. Eridanus, Canis Minor, and Aquarius are very easy to see from this location.

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Plant Life

South Caicos consists mostly of low-lying shrubbery that is resistant to the tropical savanna climate. Weigelas are a drought-tolerant shrub from the honeysuckle family that requires abundant sunshine making it an ideal fit for South Caicos. Weigelas on South Caicos typically sprout pink flowers. Periwinkles have slender, trailing stems that take root wherever they touch the ground, allowing the plant to grow and spread quickly. The Hackberry beardtongue is a relatively rare flower in the United States that is commonly found in South Caicos. The Hackberry beardtongue has a perennial bloom and is a popular plant with the South Caicos hummingbirds.

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To preserve the natural out-island beauty of South Caicos for generations to come, we have instated strict building guidelines, spacing rules, height restrictions, and low-level LED street lighting at Sailrock. Our team is cautious, careful, and respectful of our island, Islanders, and their culture; we let the best of South Caicos sell itself. Miles of nature trails welcome nature lovers and hikers to the large areas of open space that will be forever preserved as wildlife habitat. Furthermore, we supply our own water with a state of the art reverse-osmosis plant, and where necessary, we supply water for irrigation primarily through gray-water and cisterns.