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The Caribbean islands are some of the best places to go when you need a good vacation, with many couples saving for years to finally buy that beach house they can go to when it’s time to retire – a permanent vacation.

You don’t have to wait to have the ultimate getaway. Not when affordable Caribbean real estate makes the islands one of the coolest places to start a family.

Though many countries like the Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, and Barbados were once only considered faraway tropical paradises for passing through, they have now become some of the best Caribbean islands for families.

Growing economies, well-structured school systems, improved governance, and rich, vibrant cultures make these places more than the best Caribbean islands to visit for the most beautiful beaches.

Turks and Caicos

There’s nothing quite like this network of islands, especially if you love the beach. Providenciales and South Caicos, in particular, offer great opportunities for shallow-water activities like bonefishing and snorkeling, with easy access to several reefs from their shorelines.

An abundance of nature, low crime rates, and affordable Caribbean real estate in the form of villas or condos make it a pleasure to wake up there every day.

As a multiethnic and international population, children will grow up with a heightened understanding of themselves and others. Living on the Turks & Caicos comes with all the amenities you can handle and won’t feel too different from living in the U.S. or Europe, except for the white sand beaches.

Recognized regularly for being one of the best islands in the world, the Turks and Caicos is an amazing place to visit and an even better place to grow a family.

Cayman Islands 

You are probably pretty familiar with this financial hub. The Cayman Islands has some of the most pristine Caribbean beaches, low rates of crime, and modern roads, which means you can explore on your own if you are here just to visit.

While every family will have to decide if there is affordable Caribbean real estate here that fits in their budget, it is one of the best Caribbean islands for families who love the water and offers amazing beachfront rentals year-round.

In fact, this island has a lot of snorkeling spots for novices and experts. Small children can even feel safe in the waters of Run Point, where they can walk out over 20 feet, the water is so shallow.


When it comes to family travel purely for a break from life, Jamaica is one of the best Caribbean islands for couples with small children. One resort, the Franklin D Resort and Spa, is a particularly kid-friendly resort and will provide you with your very own full-time nanny, which is included in the cost of your stay. You can lounge by the pool, have romantic dinners, or explore nature while the nanny puts your child down for a nap or simply babysits.

Besides this particular resort, Jamaica is very easy to get to, has many direct flights, and offers a ton of all-inclusive resorts and hotels that are family-friendly and easy on the wallet.

best resorts for kids

Puerto Rico 

Culebra is a great choice to move to if you are currently U.S. citizens as Puerto Rico is part of the U.S. so the family will not need to go through any immigration process.

It has spectacular beaches that appropriately make it an island paradise, but it has much more than that. Low crime rates, great public schools, and large hospitals that are easily accessible in San Juan as well as its community healthcare center make Culebra a fine option. There is also plenty of affordable property to be found so you can have the dream home you’ve always wanted.

Raising kids in the concrete jungle may sound less appealing when you can watch them grow up in a beautiful place like this, and being 30 minutes away from San Juan makes it extra special.

The Bahamas 

Nassau is a cultural melting pot if ever there was one. Bahamians from all walks of life move here bringing their stories, experiences, and traditions – a great way for kids to get out of their bubbles.

Having a full immersive island experience is fantastic but Nassau also has some amazing gated communities if you’d prefer. No matter where your kids are raised, they’ll grow up surrounded by rich culture (and sandy beaches), but plan ahead because there’s a waiting list for premier private schools.

There’s no need to mention the gorgeous beaches and water sports, but both are outstanding. There are friendly faces everywhere, great entertainment, and a thriving ex-pat community. Though restaurants and accommodations can be pricier than other areas, Nassau in the Bahamas is one of the best Caribbean islands for families to vacation and build their lives.


Ambergris Caye has perfect weather, charming beaches, and all the nature you can handle. With modern telecommunications in place, an official language of English, and no taxes, daily living is a breeze.

Based on British curriculums, primary school is free and secondary school is around $400 a year and most schools are linked to religion. Most ex-pats find that Belizean Catholic schools are very good. There are also more and more international schools popping up as the ex-pat community continues to expand, and are second to none.

The Dominican Republic

One of the best islands for family vacations filled with adventure, the unofficial capital of the Caribbean has rain forests you can explore on foot, canopy and zip-lining tours, and a gorgeous coastline that is perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and every other water sport. If mountains are your idea of a good time, the Dominican Republic’s mountainous interior is a great place for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and cave exploring. 

If you’re planning on living here with your family, the DR offers plenty of educational opportunities for the children of ex-pats, with accredited multinational schools that will allow children to study at American, Dominican, and European universities.

Get the Family and Go

There is no shortage of amazing locations to spend quality time with your family. The best Caribbean islands for families are the ones that suit the needs of your family. Safety, security, adventure, and culture can be found on just about any island you set foot on.