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Are You a Suite, Beachfront Villa, or Peninsula Person?

Find Out with this Quiz

Sailrock is South Caicos’ premier resort & residence community nestled privately along the pristine beaches of the Caribbean. A short island hop flight from Providenciales, home to the fourth-largest coral reef in the world, vibrant cerulean blue waters, world-renowned outdoor activities, and miles of undiscovered land, Sailrock is the perfect setting for those seeking unique experiences.

With ridgetop suites elevated above the shoreline, beachfront villas steps from powder white sand, and the exclusive Peninsula Villas boasting views of the Atlantic Ocean and Caicos Bank, Sailrock gives new meaning to unparalleled service, exclusivity and relaxation in a rustic, luxury Turks and Caicos Islands setting. Just two hours from Miami and with daily direct flights from most major cities, paradise is easily within reach.

But with so many great Sailrock South Caicos accommodation options for guests and vacation home buyers, which one is right for you?

Take this quiz to find out!

  1. When you look out the window, you’d prefer to see:
    1. A white-sand beach & ocean all to yourself
    2. Wildlife — birds, donkeys, lizards, greenery, breaching whales, all of it!
    3. A 360-degree view of everything around you
    4. Your private dipping tub where you like to unwind
  2. First thing in the morning you like to…
    1. Admire the sunrise
    2. Go for a walk or run
    3. Eat breakfast
    4. Do yoga &/or meditate
  3. Who do you typically travel with?
    1. My friends
    2. My family
    3. With my significant other
    4. Myself
  4. The best part about an island is…
    1. Running into the ocean with joy
    2. The slower pace of life
    3. The endless, awe-inspiring views
    4. Ultimate relaxation
  5. Which Caribbean island activity tops your to-do list:
    1. Enjoying your private pool
    2. Exploring pristine natural areas
    3. ATV rides & other land-based tours
    4. Snorkeling & beach time
  6. When choosing your accommodation, it’s most important for you to have:
    1. Easy beach access
    2. Privacy
    4. Indoor-outdoor shower and bath options
  7. For lunch you’d most likely order…
    1. Room service
    2. I’d cook (or have a private chef prepare) what I caught on my fishing expedition
    3. Fresh, local fish tacos
    4. From the certified nutritionist-created wellness menu
  8. You step outside and hope to find…
    1. A wild donkey trotting past your pool
    2. An expanse of wilderness to call your own
    3. A wraparound deck with comfortable chairs
    4. A relaxing sanctuary all to yourself
  9. The Sailrock South Caicos experience you’re most likely to sign up for is…
    1. Beach bonfire & BBQ under the stars
    2. Private fishing tour
    3. A Hobie cat sailing lesson
    4. Spa massage
  10. What excites you most about island living?
    1. Endless fun under the sun
    2. Being able to disconnect and enjoy the moment
    3. All the exciting activities
    4. How relaxing it is & the myriad of health benefits

If you answered:

Mostly As — you’re a BEACHFRONT VILLA

Beachfront villa in Turks and Caicos Islands

Perfect for couples, families, and friends, find yourself mere steps from the white sandy beaches of South Caicos and awake to the gentle sounds of the Atlantic Ocean washing ashore. Sited on a gentle bluff overlooking the pristine Long Beach, Sailrock’s Beachfront Villas offer uninterrupted ocean views.  Enjoy scenic views and cool breezes from the over-sized outdoor terrace, a temperature-controlled private swimming pool, and covered pergola with ample seating. Ranging in size from 1,840 to 5,104 square feet, Sailrock’s Beachfront Villas have several configurations available for vacations & for sale.

Mostly Bs — you’re a PENINSULA VILLA

Private villas in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Privacy is the new luxury! Designed as a low-density and naturally preserved environment, Sailrock’s Peninsula Villas consist of 770 acres of unique Turks and Caicos Islands topographies, vegetation, and shorelines. With nearby access to the resort, all the finest amenities are available to guests and owners of the Peninsula Resort Villas, including prime dining options, secluded beaches, infinity pool, full-service spa, fitness facility, and boutique. Surround yourself with nothing but beauty on the Peninsula and at night, lay out by your private pool to watch for shooting stars across the night sky.

Mostly Cs — you’re a RIDGETOP SUITE

South Caicos Resorts

Surround yourself with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Caicos Bank to the west and take in the stunning sunrises and sunsets from the signature wrap-around terrace. Oceanview Ridgetop Suites sit slightly elevated, offering cool breezes from the Atlantic Ocean with sloping convenient beach access. The outdoor space, large picture windows, and sliding glass doors add to the open-air design and tranquil setting. Ranging in size from 892 to 2,503 square feet, the Oceanview Ridgetop Suites at Sailrock, South Caicos are best suited for individuals, couples, and small group getaways.


Turks caicos relaxing resorts

Featuring impressive panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caicos Bank the Oceanview Premier Suites are sited on an elevated location with gentle sloping beach access. Double sliding glass doors offer indoor/outdoor living, opening to a wraparound covered terrace, with expansive ocean views and a large, jetted tub. These suites also include a small kitchenette with wet bar for added convenience. The bathroom has a double vanity, water closet, large soaking tub, over-sized walk-in shower, an outdoor shower and bath garden and like every accommodation at Sailrock, South Caicos, yoga mats are included for private use or during one of our group classes with our Yogicharya. Plus, the Oceanview Premier Suites are conveniently located with direct access to all the Resort amenities.