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Aside from great sun soaking beaches and unparalleled views, South Caicos offers a slew of things to do around the island. Here are 4 great things to do while in South Caicos.

Explore the Historic Salinas

South Caicos has a rich history as an integral part of the salt industry. While the industry no longer operates there today, you can explore some of the historical sites that remain. Tour through the abandoned salinas, where ruins show what the infrastructure was like when industry reigned here. You can find remnants of walls, gates, windmills, and more.

Wander through Cockburn Harbour

One of the appeals of South Caicos is that it is nearly untouched by the tourism industry. However, it doesn’t mean that there’s no community or businesses there. Tour through the main inhabited part of the island. Cockburn Harbour, where you can meet locals and visit the Caicos Seafood processing plant, the biggest business in town. Because South Caicos has escaped over-development, expect to see many buildings left over from the Colonial era.

Hike the Eastern Beaches

Lace up your hiking boots and head to the Eastern beaches of South Caicos, where you can wander rugged terrain and then take in unforgettable views of the sea and islands around you. There are coastal cliffs on these beaches, which reach up to 30 feet in height, and these cliffs serve to create hidden inlets and coves to explore. Once you’ve climbed to the top and taken photos, wander the beaches below, since experts believe they are the best place in Turks and Caicos to collect seashells. South Caicos is famous for being a great place for romance getaways. For an unforgettable romantic night, hike to the top at sunset and take in the stunning colors with your beloved.

Check out the Coast Guard LORAN Station

Another abandoned site with fascinating history on South Caicos is the old U.S. Coast Guard LORAN Station. This once-operating station sits at the northern point of the island, and when it opened in 1959, it served as a communication hub for ships, helping vessels navigate and communicate with each other via low-frequency radio. Today, LORAN has been replaced by GPS, but the site offers a glimpse at the past of technology.

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